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As well as Halloween begin to prepare where we can find in most America and part of Europe with a few of Asia. I now show you the top ten asia horror film who had been appeared for years as you can find this horror film in most of CD Shop  in Cambodia to celebrate and enjoy the creepy for this haunting halloween:

10. Audition or សវន នារីកំណាច (1999) from Japan

A True Side of Terror and Evil who had hide in every woman who you can capture her as kind and unnasty but instead of her can kill you everytime…A Charactor create of america psychological””MISERY”” bring you a psychological thriller came from Japan which can scare you to death..Beware your watch as Most of audience who had watched this film, always end up with SUICIDE.

9.One Missed Call or  ទូរស័ព្ទនិងសារមរណះ (2003) from Japan

A Hell Ringtone you ever heard and you don’t want to heard including you can’t close your phone with a sms including a voicemail arrived with that ringtone and you heard you death and then you die..you will love it for this halloween with a kind mystery and a new version of long black hair woman but now with green face.. look at the picture. The disturbing horror film from taskashi mike ..make you jump

8. Alone (2007) or កូនភ្លោះ  From Thailand

Do you ever been a siamese twins? Don’t you? Alone is a scary word as well as Pim has this operation and recieved a nightmare that she can’t forget like her creepy pass.. You feel some one around you when you feel your dead twins with you forever which mean alone is one of a creepiest film i ever seen.

7.dark water (2002) from Japan

Some Water are dark, it truly that they are dark but this is among the secret of someone and the water you always use ,also drink and bath can be with the liquid body of a girl who die in a water pool. The quiet horror and drama film can bring a haunting for the water that you never think it can haunted you anytime.

6.Pulse (2001) from Japan

You want to used internet, calling by phone or watch tv but you will change your mine when you watch this movie as well as its image..I afraid this woman open a bag cover her face..Wow it show that the dead can get out from all thoes thing to killed you and turn you to a terrible looking person like your face had a incorrect operation like a computer virus. Sit down and watch this fantastic horro film for j horror in this halloween. believed me.It’s well done.

5.The Eye (2002) from Hong Kong

The supernatural is around you and you will scream and want to blind again better than get the transplant..The high fashion of horror coming back to hong kong with show a combination of sixth sense and final destination that lead you to focus something more than alive and more than dead…Scream i don’t want this eyes.i want blind better if t own this ghost’s eyes

4.A Tale Of Two sisters (2003) From Korea

2003’s South Korea psychological horror will make you sad and both frighten with this fairytale set in the haunted house become the mystery of every family have their dark secret..the paino theme make me cry but the ghost make you scream.you will love this beautiful haunting terror of the magical tale as cinderella in horror. oh also with the bloody family photo

3.Shutter (2004) Thailand

A photograph capture a spirit that describe somethings are around us..don’t forget shutter as thai #1 Horror film which show everything with every photos make this legend of revenge, love and both the goosebumps one that terrifying every seconds of film’s scene.

2.Ju On (2003) Japan

Scary scary of this best ju on films with our reality of scary of blanket and met  a white face horror woman but with a terrible white as silk kids who cursed the house of every steps we visit. This would be the best but still push by another ,however it still frighten you to shock and make you cover the blanket like everyone in this film.

The Number One Goes To:

1.Ringu (1999) Japan

The perfect horriest into scary world for This video.  Ringu is the masterpiece of horror with the original thing i had been find that it has and a reflextion of the birth of yurei charactor who spread around asia and fight to america with the plot of the cursed video tape which can killed you if you watched it after a week.. Shocking plot. It is a true best which no film can beat it off from the see .However,With just few horror scenes but a appearance make you scare in your nightmare everynight is with this true asia horror ingredient:

*Long black hair cover the face.

*light white dress.

*Wet and thin body.

* completely mad.

*and a suffering of do activities.

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